How to import existing contacts

To import your existing contacts in Maître go to "Subscribers > Import".

From there you can upload a CSV file (1MB max size) and we will do the rest.

Please bear in mind that only valid CSV files can be imported. To be valid, your file has to be formatted in a certain way. Read below to learn about CSV formatting.

File formatting

The import won't work if the CSV file doesn't have headers. Also, those headers must be lowercase. The only two required headers are email and domain. The domain column will be used to create the referral link. This is usually the URL of the page where you have installed Maître. So if you have installed Maître on, the domain column will be "". 

Optionally you can also have "name", "extra field", "extra field 2", date (Eg: 2015/03/21 or 02 April 2016 - 14:32) and points.

You can use points to determine the position in the list (the higher the points the higher the position in the list). However, bear in mind that if you have many people in your CSV you might end up with subscribers with loads of points which makes it difficult for new entrants to win the competition. In that case, we recommend using date instead. The earlier the date, the higher the position in the list.

Your CSV file should look like the below:

Please note that the headers MUST be lowercase.

We strongly recommend you to check our example file to format your CSV file correctly.


Identify imported contacts

All the imported contacts will have " imported_from_csv" as their source.

Welcome email

You can choose to send a welcome email to your imported contacts by checking the checkbox "Send welcome email". The Welcome email will be sent only if you have created one and is active.


If you toggle the setting "Subscribe imported contacts to MailChimp" your contacts will also be imported in your MailChimp list specified in your "Integrations" tab. If an imported contact already exists in your MailChimp list, we will update name and merge tags.

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