How to set up a custom "thank you" page?

When subscribers verify their email address they are taken to a default "Thank you" page that looks like this:

Sometimes, however, you might want more control over this page. 

For example, you might want to redirect users to your own website where you can style as you like.

To do this:

  1. go to "Settings > Confirmation email"
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page switch on the toggle "After email confirmation, send subscribers to a custom thank you page".
  3. Add the URL of your custom "Thank you" page and save.

When we redirect subscribers to your Thank you page, we will add a few parameters to your URL:

  • maitre_email, with the subscriber's email
  • maitre_name, with the subscriber's name
  • maitre_code, with the subscriber's unique referral code
  • maitre_subscriber_id, with the subscriber's ID (useful if you use the API)
  • maitre_position, with the subscriber's position in the list. (for Waiting lists only)

Example of the final result

Initialize Maître to show the Thank you screen

If you decide to use a custom thank you page, normally you'd have to design this page yourself including the code to grab the code and generate the sharing buttons. Quite a bit of work. What if there was a simpler way?

Fortunately, there is. In fact, you can use your Maître widget to do this for you. The only thing you need to do is to install Maître on your thank you page with some special parameter.

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.Maitre = {
    uuid: "MFXXXXXX",
    show_thank_you: true,
    labels: {
      success_main_header: "Thank you for confirming your email!" //Optional

// For waiting lists
<script data-maitre src='' async></script>

// For sweepstakes
<script data-maitre src='' async></script>

// For Lead Magnets
<script data-maitre src='' async></script>

The special parameter here is obviously "show_thank_you". When your subscribers will land on that page Maître will automatically show them their position and social buttons.

You might also want to change the header to a different message than the one you have in your widget. Perhaps something like "Thank you for confirming your email!". This step is optional and doesn't affect at all the functionality. 

Finally, bear in mind that if your widget is set to Test mode it might behave weirdly. Disable the Test mode if you notice anything weird or get in touch with us.

How does it work?
Under the wood Maître checks the URL searching for the parameter "maitre_email". If there is a match, Maître takes the value of that parameter, puts in the form and triggers a form submit. Simple and neat.

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