Maître can be initialized with some settings, including required fields and labels.

ⓘ  Properties set here will override the ones set in the "Settings" page.

Maître object settings:

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.Maitre = {
    uuid: "MFXXXXX",
    host: "",
    source: "product_hunt",
    test_mode: false,
    require_name: true,
    enable_extra_field: false,
    require_leaderboard: false,
    show_popup: false,
    labels: {
        header: "First 20 people win a free ticket",
        email_label: "Email",
        name_label: "Name",
        name_placeholder: "Your Name",
        email_placeholder: "Your email address",
        extra_field_label: "Phone number",
        extra_field_placeholder: "Your Phone number",
        status_label: "Check status",
        submit_button: "Submit",
        check_position_label: "Check position",
        submitting_label: "Submitting...",
        back_label: "Back",
        success_main_header: "Thank you!",
        people_front: "People in front of you",
        people_behind: "People behind you",
        instructions: "Share your personal link.",
        sharing_explanation: "Improve your position by signing up your friends.",
        verification_reminder: "Your email hasn't been verified yet.<br>Check your inbox or click the link below to resend it.",
        resend_email: "Resend confirmation email",
        resending_email: "Sending email...",
        email_resent: "Email has been sent. Check your inbox.",
        leaderboard_position: "Position",
        leaderboard_subscriber: "Subscriber",
        leaderboard_points: "Points",
        leaderboard_footnote: "1 point = 1 successful referral",
        leaderboard_last_update: "Last update"
    socials: {
        twitter: "Some text %referral_code%",
        email_subject: "Some text",
        email: "Some text %referral_code%",
        whatsapp: "Some text %referral_code%",
        linkedin: "Some text %referral_code%",
        digg: "Some text %referral_code%",
        qzone: "Some text %referral_code%",
        weibo: "Some text %referral_code%",
        qq: "Some text %referral_code%",
        renren: "Some text %referral_code%",
        kaixin: "Some text %referral_code%",
        line: "Some text %referral_code%",
    alerts: {
        subscriber_not_found: "Email not found",
        subscriber_accepted: "You have already been accepted.",
        subscriber_not_verified: "You must confirm your email first.",
        form_incomplete: "Something is missing. Please check the form.",
        server_problem: "We are experiencing some issues on our server."


  • uuid (Required)
    The ID of the widget.
  • host (optional)
    The URL of the page that will be used to create the referral link. By default, Maître uses the current page.
  • source (optional)
    This property allows you to create custom sources on the fly. If present, it will override the default tracking link. ( See more about tracking links)
  • test_mode (optional)
    When "test_mode" is set to true, neither views nor registrations will be saved. Default: false.
  • require_name (optional)
    Show/hide name field in the form. Default: true.
  • enable_extra_field (optional)
    Show/hide the extra field in the form. Default: false.
  • require_leaderboard (optional)
    Add/remove leaderboard from the JSON object. Default: false.
  • show_popup (optional)
    Whether to open the thank you screen in a popup or inline. Default: true.
  • labels (optional)
    Object containing the labels of the form.
    • header (optional)
      Text for the header.
    • email_label (optional)
      Text for the Email label.
    • name_label (optional)
      Text for the Name label.
    • extra_field_label (optional)
      Text for the extra field.
    • name_placeholder (optional)
      Placeholder for the name input.
    • email_placeholder (optional)
      Placeholder for the email input.
    • extra_field_placeholder (optional)
      Placeholder for the extra field input.
    • status_label (optional)
      Text for the Status label.
    • submit_button (optional)
      Text for the Submit button.
    • check_position_label (optional)
      Text for the Submit button when the user is checking the position in the list.
    • submitting_label (optional)
      Text for the Submit button when submitting the form.
    • back_label (optional)
      Text for the Status label when the user is checking the position in the list.
    • success_main_header (optional)
      Text for the header of the success page.
    • people_front (optional)
      Text for the first paragraph of the success page.
    • people_behind (optional)
      Text for the second paragraph of the success page.
    • instructions (optional)
      Text for the instructions paragraph of the success page.
  • alerts (optional)
    Object containing the alerts of the form.
    • subscriber_not_found (optional)
      Alert message for when the user checks the position but no subscriber is found.
    • subscriber_accepted (optional)
      Alert message for when the user checks the position but no subscriber has already been accepted.
    • subscriber_not_verified (optional)
      Alert message for when the user checks the position but hasn't verified the email yet.
    • form_incomplete (optional)
      Alert message for when the user tries to submit the form but hasn't filled all the required fields (email and/or name).
    • server_problem (optional)
      Alert message for when the user submits the form but there are problems on our end.

ⓘ  You are allowed to use HTML in your labels.

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