Can I disable the confirmation email?

When people sign up onto your list, we send them a confirmation email to verify their email address. This process is usually called "double opt-in". 

Sometimes you may wonder why we do this and if it's possible to disable it.

Why we send a confirmation email

Two reasons.

First, we are legally required to verify every email address before giving it to you and this can only happen with a double opt-in.
Second, we use the email confirmation as a way to ensure that each referral is legit and people don't just refer random emails.

The double opt-in also have some other benefits:

  • Protection against spambots, email scams, and fake subscribers, which could increase your monthly billing rates.
  • Assurance of valid email addresses, confirmation that your subscribers want to hear from you, and an archived record of the subscriber’s consent.

Is it possible to disable it?

For the above reasons, at the moment it is not possible to disable the confirmation link.

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