How to integrate with Intercom

With Maître you can automatically sync your registrations with your Intercom account.

To connect your Intercom account, go to "Settings > Integrations".

After you connect your account, you can enable/disable the sync between Maitre and Intercom.
Please note: only people who sign up on Maître AFTER you enable the Intercom integration will be added to your Intercom account.  

When a user subscribes, we also send a bunch of extra information that you can use to target specific users.

These extra info are:

  • NAME
    Subscriber's name. Blank if you don't require this field in your form.
    Subscriber's extra field value. This can be a phone number, a zip code or any other extra information you have asked for in the form.
  • CODE
    Subscriber's unique referral code.
    Subscriber's unique referral link.
    Subscriber's points.
    Subscriber's position when signs up.
    Amount of people referred by this subscriber.

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