What is the Tracking Pixel

Maître Tracking Pixel is a small snippet of code that allows you to track referral conversions on your website so that you can reward people who refer friends which complete a certain action (eg: a purchase, a download, etc).

With Maître Tracking Pixel you can create very sophisticated Ambassador programs like:

  • give 50% discount to a person who refers 3 friends who sign up to the PRO plan
  • give a free ticket to a person who refers 5 friends who purchase the ticket
  • give free access to a person who refers 10 friends who download the app
  • any ambassador program

Where do I get my tracking pixel code?

Simply go to the "Conversions" page of your campaign dashboard and click on "Get Pixel Code" blue button.
Now it's time to install it on your website and start tracking some conversions. To do so, please read this guide.

Also, notice that you can enable/disable your tracking pixel at any time from your dashboard by switching the toggle "Active".

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