How to integrate Maître into WIX

IMPORTANT: WIX has recently changed the way it handles external scripts. Because of that, we are sorry to inform you that Maitre does not work with WIX anymore.

Integrate Maître into WIX is not difficult but requires a couple of changes, due to the way WIX handles external scripts.

  • Login into your WIX account and click on "Edit site"
  • Once in the editor, add a "HTML code" block from the left sidebar 

  • When you add the "HTML code" block on your page, WIX will add a box that you can drag around and position wherever you like. This is where Maître will appear. Click on the button "Enter code". 

  • Grab the Maître code by going to the "Overview" page, clicking on the "Get the code" button and choosing the "WIX" tab as shown below. 

  • Paste the code you have just copied into the "HTML" block. Make sure to select the option "Code" as shown in the screenshot below and click "Update".

Done! Maître will appear exactly where you position your HTML box.

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