Getting started

Learn the basics of a Maître campaign

7 articles


Install the Maître form on your website in 2 minutes.

12 articles


Learn how you can keep cheaters at bay with Maître's anti-fraud features.

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Popular questions

Everything you always wanted to know about Maître but were afraid to ask.

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Optimize your campaign

Learn how to get the most out of Maître with advanced features

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Confirmation Email

Learn how Maître's confirmation email and the double opt-in process works.

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Connecting your Maître account to your favourite apps and services

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Advanced [for devs]

Learn how to use the configuration file and use your own form

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API Docs

Getting started

Get started with the fundamental principles of Maître API

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Learn about the basic objects of our API and the data returned.

2 articles


How to create, edit and retrieve data from the campaign endpoint.

6 articles


How to create, edit and retrieve data from the subscribers endpoint.

10 articles


Real life examples of what you can build with Maître API

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Code examples

Code examples for popular programming languages

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