Introduction API V2

So you are building an integration with Maître. GREAT! We're very excited that you want to add-on to our platform. Before you dive in and start coding, make sure you read this page to know how to structure your app.


The Maître API is organized around  REST. Our API has predictable, resource-oriented URLs.
JSON is returned by all API responses, including errors.

Maître API V2 is in active development, hence expect things to change. We will add new endpoints and change minor details here and there, but if and when we will introduce breaking changes we will notify you at least 2 weeks in advance.

API Endpoint

Calls for Maître API v2 are relative to the url

API Token

All API calls require the  api_token parameter. You can find your API Token - if you have one - in the Maître API Page. If you don't have one, please get in touch.

Rate limiting

Currently we apply a "soft" limit of 5,000 api calls per hour. Get in touch with us if you need to increase it.
If your request rate exceeds our limits, you will receive an HTTP status of 429 with an error code "too_many_calls".


We have created step-by-step tutorials for some common use cases. You can find them  here.

We hope you enjoy using our API and please report any bug or unexpected behaviour :)

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