How to set up a custom "thank you" page?

When subscribers verify their email address they are taken to a default "thank you" page that looks like this:

Sometimes, however, you might want more control over this page.
For example, you might want to redirect users to your own website where you can style as you like.

To do this:

  1. go to the "Confirmation email" tab of your widget dashboard.
  2. Under Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and find an input field that says "INSTEAD OF SHOWING A THANK YOU PAGE, SEND SUBSCRIBERS TO ANOTHER URL".
  3. Add the url of your custom "thank you" page and save.

We will add three parameters to your URL:  maitre_email, with the subscriber's email, maitre_code, with the subscriber's unique referral code and maitre_position, with the subscriber's position in the list.

Example of the final result

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