Use the /retrieve_by_position endpoint to retrieve a subscriber information using their position in the list.

Example URI

URI Parameters

uuid string
(required) Your widget UUID.

api_token string
(required) Your api_token.

position integer
(required) Your subscriber's position.


200  success

  status: "ok",
  data: {
    response: "subscriber_retrieved",
    name: "John",
    email: "john.doe@email.com",
    code: "MFXXXX",
    position: 3543,
    referred: true, //true if the user has been referred
    referred_by: {
      name: "Mark Smith",
      email: "mark.smith@email.com"
      code: "MFYYYYY"
    }, // Return null if subscriber has not been referred
    people_referred: 4, //Number of people referred
    host: "http://mywebsite.com", //Url used to create referral link
    total_subscribers: 7364, //Total number of people in the list
  calls_left: 482, //Api calls left for this hour<
  timestamp: 1469109759 //Timestamp request

4XX  error

  status: "error",
  message: "Error explanation" // Eg: Missing API token
  code: "error_code" // Eg: no_token

Possible error codes

  • no_token
  • no_list_uuid
  • invalid_list_or_token
  • no_position
  • subscriber_not_found
  • too_many_calls

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