Interacting with a third-party API like Maître's can introduce two problems:

  • Services not directly responsible for making an API request may still need to know the response of that request
  • Some events, like disputed charges and many recurring billing events, are not the result of a direct API request

Webhooks solve these problems by letting you register a URL that we will notify anytime an event happens in your account. When the event occurs—for example, when a user successfully subscribe to your list, Maître will send a webhook notification to your registered webhooks. 

Understand that you only need to use webhooks for behind-the-scenes events.
The results of most Maître requests—including new subscriptions—are reported synchronously to your code, and don't require webhooks for verification. 

To configure your webhooks please read this support article:  http://support.maitreapp.co/article/61-webhooks

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